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Wychall Primary School

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We have embedded the new computing curriculum into all year groups. We have an exciting scheme of work in Purplemash that allows children to learn at their own pace, it allows for easy progression and we incorporates the use of mobile technology through BB-8 Robots connected to the Ipads.

Software Device Download
PurpleMash All Devices Online
Flow Free Ipad App Store
Learn Code Web Browser
Scratch  Windows/Mac

The programming elements of the computing curriculum start in Year 1 with left, right, up and down movement to teach the children basic algorithms, then we move on to more complex instructions, ie how to make a cup of tea or sandwich.

By Year 2 children learn to build longer list of instructions and correct errors in their code.

In Year's 3 and 4 children learn to create basic games where an object can detect being touched and react to its environment. In year's 5 and 6 children learn to create variables and use them to add points and timers to their games.