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Wychall Primary School

Safe, Secure and Successful

Ethos, Vision

Safe, Secure and Successful

At Wychall Primary our aim is for all pupils to be ‘Safe, Secure and Successful’.  In order to achieve this we must ensure that we:

  • Meet the needs of the whole child
  • Provide all children with a relevant, personalised curriculum
  • Develop pupil independence
  • Raise pupil self esteem
  • Remove barriers to children’s learning
  • Value every child and take into account their views
  • Work alongside parents, enabling them to support their child’s education
  • Support children to be aware of their rights which are set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Identify needs as soon as possible and provide support
  • Provide appropriate in class support, enabling all children to have access to the curriculum
  • Develop an effective partnership between school and home and outside agencies
  • Encourage children to make decisions about themselves
  • Track and monitor provision which have been put into place to ensure children with SEN make significant progress as they move through school

Parents and Carers:

  • Wychall Primary School actively encourages and recognises the rights of parents/carers in terms of their involvement in the provision for their child’s educational needs.
  • We will actively involve parents in making decisions about their child’s special educational needs
  • We will invite parents/carers to attend all review meetings
  • We will provide parents with a copy of IEPs so parents can work with children at home
  • If you wish to make a complaint, please follow our standard complaints procedure and ensure you mention your child's Special Educational Needs.

We work with a number of professionals who regularly visit the school to offer support to pupils, parents and staff.  They include:
Pupil and School Support
Educational Psychologist
Behaviour Support Service
Speech and Language therapists
Communication and Autism Team
Hearing and Visual Impairment