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Wychall Primary School & Children's Centre

Safe, Secure and Successful

Family Support

At Wychall Children and Family Centre we aim to provide the best possible environment for children to grow and develop successfully. At the same time we work to support families who may at times experience concerns or difficulties.

The Family Support Team is a community based service for families, it provides a wide range of preventative support networks to children and families at points of crisis, who require extra assistance. It can be accessed through self referral or through an agency. It is also possible to access one or several of the provisions, dependant on your family’s individual need. We aim to offer support in some of the most challenging aspects of daily life.


Malachi Community Trust

Malachi Counsellors and Support Staff are friendly, approachable and above all else… none judgmental.

They offer practical and emotional support for any situation you may be facing. The Team is flexible and will try and find a time and place to meet that you are happy with.

Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust Midwifery Services

The Midwifery Service offer antenatal care, parenting advice, preparation for birth, feeding support and referral to local units for maternity care.


Health Visitors

Health Visitors work with families to maintain their health and well being. They are able to prescribe, immunise and work with the wider community and vulnerable sections of society, particularly safeguarding children at risk.


Child Minder First Steps Network Co-ordinator

If parents need a respite, or a parent requires a Child Minder to access further education, courses or work then the Children Centre Child Minding link scheme can offer parents up to 15 hours per week for up to 13 weeks free childcare with a local registered Child Minder.

Educational Provision

The Head Teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator are on hand to advise parents regularly on educational needs and support.


A voluntary organisation that works to support young families through assistance, support, guidance and empowerment.