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Look what we've been doing!


24th January 2018

Parent/carer workshop from 9-10am and 2-3pm focusing on fine motor and writing in early years. No need to book, just turn up.

Mrs Benson

January 2018

Welcome back everyone! And haven't they all grown over the Christmas break.

Look out for some photos from our new topic role play whcih is a library. We have already had several paretns drop in and read stories to small groups of children and the children have been singing their favourite nursery rhymes to them.

No need to book in, just come to the school reception and sign in and we will come and get you.

Many thanks

Mrs Benson


20th September 2017

What a fun filled last week!

We made Diwali sparklers out of breadsticks dipped in chocolate and sprinkles and watched some fireworks on screen to show the children festivals and celebrations in different cultures.

We continued our phonic games looking at transport and animals this week. Children sat in their family groups and listened with good attention to descriptions given and they were able to locate the correct pictures following instructions. 

We had 'Golden time' which was our own small cinema screen with popcorn! And finally, the Harvest festival was absoloutely fantastic! The parents/carers made an incrediable effort with the chidlren's costumes. Unfortunatley there are some children that cannot be on the website, so I am unable to put the class Harvest photo on. If you would like a copy of this please see me on the first day of term.

Home work over half term is letter 'i'.

Thank you

Mrs Benson

Week commencing 25th September 2017

Our phonics learning is going very very well with childdren absolutely loving the listening games each day. We have the sleepy giant game, the hungry monster, if you're happy and you know it listening game plus many many more. These games encourage the children to tune into the different sounds they hear and follow instructions. It was so lovely to see parents and carers being taught by the children these games in our parent/carer stay and play.

Thank you all so much for attending and spending time in ASDA, icing cakes, phonic games, lego, writing and so much more. The children did not stop talking about your time with us.

Please see our gallery wall outside nursery for ALL photos.

Home work is the letter a formation. Please see me next week if you need another copy of home work.

Thanks once again

Mrs Benson

Week commenicng 18th September 2017

The new ASDA role play is now fully active. The children could not wait for the delivery of the ASDA trolley!

A HUGE big thank you to ASDA in chelmsley Wood for donating (on loan!) the may goodies for the children to play with.

Mrs Benson


Week commencing 11th September 2017

Another extremely busy week in Nursery!


This week we have introduced Twiggle and his friends to the children. Twiggle is a soft puppet turtle that is part of the schools PATHS programme and supports the children in their emotional and social behaviour through play.

There has been lots of building and working together, circle time, finding worms and making great creations with shapes!

Home work this week is linked to our phonics planning. Please complete a speech bubble post stick note for the activity you choose and bring this in by next Friday. 

If there are any messages for the team then please do use the home school log book which your child brought home on Friday if you are unable to speak with us directly.

Many Thanks

Mrs Benson 


Week commencing 4th September 2017

The children have settled in well! Their first week in nursery, meeting new friends and getting to know the nursery staff team and where everything is!

Regardless of the rain, the children have loved accessing the outdoors. As part of our topic 'All ABout Me', they have drawn pictures of themselves and their family, told us about their favourite food, toys and friends and absolutely loved using their imagination in the doctors surgery and hair dressers!




Week Commencing 3rd July

With the lovely weather we have enjoyed being outdoors and exploring our new water and sand tray.

From our story of the week of Mr Gumpy's Outing, we made our own boats and tested them to determine if they would float or sink. 


Week Commencing 26th June

This week we have been reading the story Whatever Next. The children enjoyed acting out the story using boxes for the rocket, wellies for boots and colanders for hats. 

The children made their own sandwiches to take with us for a pretend picnic on the moon. 


Week Commencing 19th June 

This week the children have been making models of transport and used them within their play.

We have also been using the smartboard to create pictures.


Week commencing 12th June

This week we have been reading Topsy and Tim go camping. From this we created our own camp site. The children really enjoyed pretending to eat marshmellows from the camp fire.


Week Commencing 5th June

This week we have introdcued our new topic of 'Journeys'. We have been reading the story The Train Ride and created our own train track on building blocks. This encouraged the children to talk about their experiences of going on a train. 


We also created our own trains using shapes. 

Week Commencing 22nd May

This week we have been reading the book Duck in a Truck. The children enjoyed making our own truck using various materials and tools. We painted our truck red and when it was dry we was able to play in it and act out the story. 

We have been learning about what food grows on the farm. From this we then looked at the growth and decay of cheese, yoghurt, milk and bread. The children discovered that food need to be stored correctly, otherwise it will go mouldy and smelly. 


Week Commencing 8th May

This week the children have enjoyed acting out scenes from the story of 'The Little Red Hen'.

We have also been observing our plants and identifying what plants need to grow.


Week Commencing 24th April

This week we have introduced our new topic of 'On the Farm'. We have been planting seeds to grow our own vegetables. The children have been observing to see if the plant has started to grow or need watering? 



Week commencing 27th March 

This week was science week! We pretended to be scientists and took part in experiments. 


We collected frog sprawn from the school pond and watched them hatch into tadpoles. We have been using magnifying glasses to watch them grow.


Spring Term

Week 3, 23rd - 27th January

Our book of the week has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the children have really enjoyed all the activities based around this.  They have acted out the story using puppets and painted their own characters.  The bears were independent, but Goldilocks needed some supervision so that the paints didn't all end up brown. 


They also explored the texture of different materials, sorting them into 'hard' and 'soft'.

                                There were, as always, lots of independent activities.  The children often get out the musical instruments and explore the sounds they can make individually and as a group.

  The children love role play in the storybook cafe and the 3 bears cottage.  The multiple Goldilocks were being scared by a fierce bear, growling at them.  


Week 2, 16th - 20th January

This week our story has been Jack and the Beanstalk.  We watched a video of a lady milking a real cow so we could understand why Jack and his mother kept a cow, and practiced with our own pretend cow in the classroom. 


We did lots of counting and size activities with beanstalks, and sorted footprints into size and matching pairs. We counted leaves and improved our finger strength and control by making beanstalks with cheerios and pipecleaners, and used lots of other construction pieces to build enormous beanstalks.


The children also tried on giant boots, and tried to walk with giant strides. It was hard! 


We have welcomed a few new children to nursery this week, and so we thought about feelings and how we might feel if we didn't know anyone, and left our family for the first time.  We talked about sad, happy, scared and angry feelings, and the children suggested that the new children should choose their favourite thing to play with, so that is what we did. We drew faces to show how we feel sometimes.



The children were very welcoming of all the new children, and I was very proud of their thoughtfulness.


Week 1, 9th - 13th January

Welcome back to Nursery! The children have all come back with happy smiles and positive attitudes, and it has been lovely to see them all growing up so fast.  We started with sharing all the exciting things we had done over the holidays, who we saw and where we went.


Our topic this term is Traditional Stories, and we have started with our favourite, The Three Little Pigs.  The children acted out the story with their friends, and added variations - the cottage set on fire when the wolf came down the chimney, so we got out the firemen box, and everyone helped put out the blaze.


It was really cold this week, but we still enjoyed reading outside, snuggled up and cosy under the blankets, and using the puppet theatre to retell the story.



2nd half, Autumn term

Week 6, 5th - 9th December

After a somewhat rocky start, rehearsals for next week's Nativity are progressing well, and we at Nursery are learning lots of Christmas songs.  We don't have any speaking parts, but need lots of practice to be able to move to our places and sit where and how we are supposed to, and to stand up or sit down at the appropriate places.

We have a post box, and have been writing to Santa.  We have drawn the gifts we would like him to bring, folded our letters and put them in an envelope, and then written on the envelope and added one of the stamps being sold by the Year 1 children. 


We have also used our snowdough to make whatever we like, but they were all snowmen.  There were snowmen with hair, with multiple arms and even one with his hat on a pole! Sadly, there is no photo of this one, as it didn't last very long, and required emergency repairs.


We decorated our outdoor impromptu Christmas trees, and these provided huge oportunities for all kinds of learning. There were fine motor skills, when we had to thread baubles with pipe cleaners so that we could hang them from the trees. The children counted baubles and compared sizes and colours, and used language of texture, talking about how they felt and looked. 


We would like to thank those many parents who attended our Christmas parent workshops, and made them such a success.  We love to have parents and carers spending time with their children to make special Christmas things, and the children really enjoy talking about what they have made and done with their special people.  Snowdough, melted snowman biscuits, angels, baubles, christmas trees and more... We still have lots of things we are making which we can't share, so we leave you with an image of the angels we made during the parent workshop.



Week 5, 28th November - 2nd December

This week marks the beginning of Christmas for Nursery as, unless we start now, there is no way we are going to fit in all the things we have to do before the holiday.  We have begun our cards, Christmas or seasonal, as Wychall has links with other schools around the world, and cards need to be sent off early to reach our partner schools in time.  There are no pictures of these, as they will be one of the many things we are keeping secret until the end of term!

There are, however, plenty of things we can show you - things we do every week to build on our learning.  We are outside every day, and love acting out our favourite stories  and joining in with ring games. Here we are going on a Bear hunt, and doing the Hokey-Cokey.



This week the weather was fascinating, and we explored the ice which had formed on the puddles. We touched it, described it and talked about why it was there and what would happen if we put it in the sun.  We collected pieces of different sizes and put them in a hoop in full sun.  Nothing happened! They didn't melt the slightest bit, and we talked about why that might have happened. 


We also loved finding numbers on the baubles which appeared on the trees, and strengthening and building control in our fingers by making our our own patterns  on snowflakes.



Week 4, 21 - 25th November

This week we have been learning about diwali, the festival of lights, which Hindus celebrate at this time of year. We have been watching Jessica as she prepares for diwali with her family, and thinking about similarities and differences between different celebrations, gradually building up a chart about what we know.  We have looked at shapes and colours when making rangoli patterns with sand and shapes, and practised pen control when making our mendhis on our hands, using ink and quills (we were thinking about our letter of the week; 'i').  


We coloured in rangoli patterns and made rainbow oats to make even bigger ones.

As always, there was plenty of amazing independent learning. My favourite this week was one of the children combining the autumn leaves we collect daily (colour, size, shape, changing with time) with the magnets,  deciding to display them individually by arranging them on the radiator.

Week 3, 15th - 18th November

As part of our celebration topic for this half term, this week we have been thinking about birthdays. We have talked about the special things we do for birthdays; special clothes, food, decorations such as banners and balloons, and parties with games and activities.  It was Twiggle's birthday on Tuesday, so we had a cake with 4 candles at snack time, and sang happy birthday. The special helper of the day had to blow out the candles as Twiggle wasn't very good at it.  Turtles have week long birthdays, so we celebrated every day.  We made special birthday sandwiches, and used sparkly playdough to make birthday cupcakes.



We also wrote lots of invitations, and wrote out the envelopes, sticking the stamps on so they would get to the correct person. We did lots of counting and sorting with our party games, such as seeing how many objects we could pick up at once with our fishing rods.


Friday was, of course, pyjama day and the children all looked wonderful. We had to quickly improvise a bedroom in the home corner so that they could take it in turns to be tucked in and have their bedtime stories read and acted out to them.  A wonderful end to the week!



Week 2, 7th - 11th November

This week we have been focusing on Bonfire Night, talking about what we have seen and heard in the sky, and how we and our pets feel about it.  As ever, there is a lot of role play, with families making tea for each other and taking baby out to watch the fireworks.


We have also been counting fireworks, drawing them and making firework paintings using huge amounts of glitter.  Once we'd got the hang of what to do, the memory game proved highly attractive, especially once you'd played a couple of times and could remember the objects really well.



We sing, dance and share stories every day, and all the children like to choose their favourites, everyone joining in with the words and actions.

Week 1, 31st October - 4th November

We have had a happy and productive start to the new half term.  The children arrived raring to go, eager to try new activities and to join with their friends in their own games. They love to act out familiar scenarios, going to the shops and having tea.


We always enjoy doing things outside, and this week we were seeing if we could draw spider webs, reading stories, playing ring games and going on a bear hunt. 



When it was too chilly to be outside, the children engaged in lots of fine motor activities to build strength and control in their fingers, and memory and counting and sorting activities, building vocabulary and embedding understanding of number.



Week 5, 3-7 October

This week has been busy, as always.  We have been reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and we are getting very good at counting.  The children think he was a bit greedy, and deserved to have a tummy ache.  Our letter of the week was 'a', and we spotted apples, ambulances, ants (as in one of our favourite songs, the ants go marching one by one) and axes.                                           We have been practicing our building skills in the construction area, working together to build a new house. We have gender equality here at Wychall.


There was a fabulous impromptu performance by lead singer/dancer and maracca player, with his backing group, (taking this very literally, they were on their backs), dancing, singing and playing their instruments.


We have always have activities to strengthen and build control with our fingers,and the children loved using hole punches to 'eat' holes in leaves and then turn them into necklaces. Another popular activity was posting matchsticks into the correct hole. 

    The children also enjoyed the role play, where we had a new TV in the living room, and Peppa Pig was showing.



Week 4, 26-30 September

Welcome to week 4! We have been hit by a nasty cold in Nursery and have been using quite a lot of tissues recently.  The children have been sharing what they know about their families, talking about who lives in their house or flat, and about their pets and what they enjoy doing.


We have been practicing holding brushes using the correct grip, and finding out what marks we can make with our hands and fingers, and matching colours and dots with the dominoes.


Week 3, 19-23 September

Now that all the children have had a chance to settle in, we have begun our 'All about me' topic.  We have painted self-portraits, thinking about differences in hair, skin and eye colour, and used a mirror to check what our own colours are. Painting enables the children to begin to hold a brush correctly, and to practice fine motor control when they draw dots, lines and circles.  They love to talk about themselves and similarities and differences with family members, and favourite colours, toys pets etc. 


We have also begun counting the members of our families, talking about how many brothers and sisters we have, as well as parents, nans, grandads, aunts and uncles and cousins. The children have begun to initiate their own activities, as you see in the pictures below, choosing to play with the toys selected for the day or making up their own games. There was a visit to the cinema, with popcorn for all, children practicing writing their names on the whiteboard, calling out names and marking those present on the register, and examining the conker shells to find the nuts inside.




Week 2, 12-16 September

After the first two weeks of term our whole year group have now started.  

We have continued to try out many different activities, and have begun to settle into the routines of the day.  The activities let the children explore things that they may not have done before, and to do this alongside other children. What they are learning from this is to think of others' feelings as well as their own, and so to share and take turns so that everyone can enjoy themselves.               


The children have begun to use their pictures for self-registration, and to answer to their names on the register.  This year group is particularly keen on singing, and we choose singing every time we are sitting on the carpet, already learning to put our hands up and not shout out so as to get first go at the song of our choice. 



Week 1, 6 - 9 September

We have had a very positive start to the new year here in Nursery.  There have been a few tears, but really very few, and most children have loved trying out as many activities as they could.


As well as exploring their new area, the children have begun to learn the routines and expectations of the day, and have responded magnificently!   We have lots of brilliant tidiers, who go home laden with stickers for their excellent attitude, and every single child has sat beautifully on the carpet with their legs crossed and their hands in their lap. [Thus ensuring that passing children don't accidently step on their hands, and they themselves don't inadvertantly kick the person in front.]