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Wychall Primary School

Safe, Secure and Successful

Look what we've been doing!

Exciting news for Reception: we received our first reply to our balloon messages, it read


We have found one of your balloons. It landed at Redgate Close, off the fairway.


On the theme of big journeys, we've been talking about visiting the moon this week and writing about what it would be like up there and what our first words would be if we walked on the moon!

Friday we did our Race for Life, raising money for charity. Well done to all of our runners, you earned your medals! We celebrated our success by watching the steel pans band and the choir perform. Only one more week of Reception left!


Summer 2, Week 5 - WB 3.7.17

We've had an exciting week in Reception! We conducted an experiment to test which hats were made from waterproof materials - Mrs Adams and Mr Bowen were unlucky with their hats!

We also wrote messages to attach to balloons and, on Friday, walked to West Heath Park to release them in the hope of getting some replies from the local community. A big thank you to all the grown-ups who joined us on our trip. Check back next week to find out if we have had any replies!



Summer 2, Week 4 - WB 26.06.17

This week in Reception, we have been learning about measuring distance! We have been pushing cars down a ramp, to see how fast they go and what number the car will reach! We have also been discussing distance in terms of locations... such as we know that Northfield, London and Devon are closer to us than Afganistan, Spain and Australia. We worked our that it would be £33,000 to take one class to Australia!

We have also been writing simple sentences! We have been practising our cursive writing and how to segment and blend our sounds to create words.

Summer 2, Week 3 - WB 19.06.17

We have had a busy week again this week! We have been learning about writing messages in bottles (towards of topic 'Journeys') and in Mathematics, we have enjoyed learning about positional language! We revisited our understanding of the words 'over', 'under', 'beside' and 'next to'... and practised this in partners! We had SUCH fun doing this! (They could not stop giggling!)

We also celebrated Eid this week! Some of us stood up in front of the whole class and shared their experiences with those of us that did not know. Look at Zahra's beautiful mendi!

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to the parents that came to our workshop. We were talking about the transition to Year One, giving children and parents an insight into what they will be learning about in Year One.

Summer 2, Week 1 - WB 05.06.17

We have returned to school, after a lovely half-term to a brand new set up to our classroom! We have more tables and chairs and are getting Year One ready, by refining our skills in writing and numeracy!

Summer 1, Week 5 - WB 22.05.17

The sunny weather has made this a great week for outdoors activities: inspired by our trip to the farm, we've had our own animal races, we've been playing in our outside wet area, and we've taken a trip to the sea to get ready for our new topic 'Journeys'.


Most exciting of all, we also had our sports day. Despite the hot weather, the children were all superstars. A big thanks to all the parents who were able to attend.

We wish everyone a happy half term holiday!

Summer 1, Week 4 - WB 15.05.17

We usually have exciting weeks in Reception... but this week was AMAZING! It's all farm, farm, farm!

In Literacy this week, we have asked and wrote questions about what we want to find out from the farm. In Maths, we have learnt about subtracting with money! 

We also THOROUGHLY enjoyed ourselves on our school trip to Little Owl Farm. Take a look at the photographs and what we learnt about... 

We fed some lambs/piglets/kids, saw some animals close up in their pens, defied gravity on some bouncy pillows, felt some animals, like ferrets, chicks, ducklings and rabbits... and saw a real SHEEP RACE!


Summer 1, Week 3 - WB 08.05.17

All of our chicks have now hatched, and we have been continuing to care for them this week! They are going to their new home...on an alpaca farm! (It's true!) But before they went, we've all had a chance to stroke and hold them.


Now we are all experts in looking after chicks, we have been writing down instructions on how to care for them in our Literacy lessons. In other news... we have been learning all about life cycles and developing our understanding of money.

Our marvellous mathematician this week is... Tyler! He really enjoyed counting out pennies to match the amounts and he could use words like "pounds" and "pence".                                   

Summer 1, Week 2 - WB 01.05.17

What an exciting week we've had in Reception! Our  eggs arrived on Tuesday and by Wednesday... our first chicks had hatched! We have been taking it in turns to water, feed and clean them!

In our Topic lessons this week, we have been designing and building pens to hold our chicks, when we take them out of the cage. Look how clever some of our designs are...



Summer 1, Week 1 - WB 24.04.17

We've had a lovely Easter and have been telling our teachers all about what we have been doing over the holidays!

Out new topic is 'Farm Animals'... so we have been investigating lots of different facts about them. We have also been asking questions, like "why do ducks quack?" (Denay) and "why don't chicken's fly if they have wings?" (Moein). After looking in some books for our answers, we looked on the internet and often found them!

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Miss Summerfield this week, who brought in her newborn baby daughter to see us! We were very well behaved and were quiet, so we didn't overwhelm the baby!

Our superstar worker this week is Keelen, who keeps getting better and better at recognising and writing out his sounds in his phonics classes. Well done Keelen!



Spring 2, Week 6 - WB 03.04.17

It's the last week of our topic this week! We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to stay healthy, such as brushing our teeth, exercising, eating a balanced diet and washing our hands after going to the toilet.

We have also enjoyed having our P.E. lessons OUTSIDE! It is finally warm enough to learn different ways to move around in our outdoor area!

We also learnt how to use language related to time! Some of us even learnt how to tell the time, using a clock! Look at how hard Junior worked this week... he sequenced the daily routine all by himself! Excellent work Junior!

We finished our topic by completing our 'So What?', which was creating a poster about the different ways we can stay healthy.

We are really proud of Alana's work this week, as her writing is really improving and she was excellent at using a computer to create her picture.

Spring 2, Week 5 - WB 27.O3.17

This week, we have been learning the importance of eating a balanced diet in order to stay healthy. We have all made a 'healthy' plate of food and have learnt how much and how little of each food we need, to stay healthy.

We have also revsisted 3D shape and learnt how to make a 'repeated pattern' with them. We had lots of fun printing the shapes with paint!

We have also been practising writing our whole name! Some of us have been writing our whole name in full sentences, like Zihan, who has had a go at writing his name in some sentences! Great job Zihan! Miss Hiles has awarded you a 'proud cloud' for your efforts!

Spring 2, Week 4 - WB 20.03.17

This week, we have continued our topic of 'Being Healthy' by exploring various fruit! We read 'Handa's Surprise' and tasted some new fruit, such as pineapple, guava and passion fruit! We then wrote different words to describe the fruit in Literacy!

We also read 'Oliver's Fruit Salad', and as part of topic we made our own! We were very sensible, as we collected some tools from Caroline our cook, took them to our classroom safely and then chopped up our fruit with care. We then tasted the results... it was DELICIOUS!

Our inspiring inventor this week, goes to Leo! He has made lots of wonderful objects out of junk modelling, including a karaoke machine! He could tell us all in detail about his invention! Well done Leo!

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