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Wychall Primary School

Safe, Secure and Successful

More Able Learners

More Able Learners, like all pupils at Wychall, are provided with a stimulating environment, individualised support and challenge to ensure that they develop and grow both academically and socially.

Further opportunities include pupils being provided with extra-curricular teaching and learning to support and develop their interests in a variety of activities.

In-addition, through the development and fostering of links with other successful educational establishments we have been able to provide pupils with further opportunities to develop their own aspirations for both secondary, further and higher education through participation in activities at schools such as King Edward VI Camp Hill schools and the University of Birmingham.

Image of a Water Flea as observed by one of our pupils through a microscope during a recent Saturday 'Biology Discovery' session at King Edward VI Camp Hill.

Pupils took swabs from themselves and then observed their own cells under microscopes also as part of the 'Biology Discovery' session.