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Wychall Primary School

Safe, Secure and Successful

Our Principles

1. Leadership

  • We have consistently high expectations
  • We provide support for effective leadership
  • We take rigorous action where and when this is needed

 To Ensure

  • high standards of academic achievement
  • clear lines of communication that include the sharing of expectations and responsibilities openly and honestly
  • the effective use of problem solving methodology
  • a commitment to growing, developing and sharing expertise, ideas and staff within and across schools
  • an outward looking perspective
  • effective removal of barriers to learning and development
  • a clear understanding of the differing roles and responsibilities of leadership and management and additionally those of accountability and responsibility

2. Culture

  • Our values underpin all that we do
  • We strive to broaden the horizons of pupils so that they grow as informed, enquiring citizens
  • The curriculum meets the needs of pupils so that their personal, physical, spiritual, moral, social, cultural and economic development is well-promoted

 To Ensure

  • all individuals are able to work and learn safely in a climate of mutual respect
  • a rigorous and purposeful curriculum
  • a focus on opportunities for pupils to gain a broader perspective of the world through engaging with external providers locally, nationally and internationally
  • curriculum design supports pupils to become self-motivated and enjoy learning
  • recognition is given to a 'no one size' fits all approach with academy freedom and diversity encouraged
  • lean infrastructure processes focus on achieving impact rather than being weighted down by procedure and bureaucracy
  • pupils develop as active, curious world citizens with high aspirations, personally, physically, socially and economically
  • pupils develop life skills and knowledge to make the right choices, be safe and gain from every available learning opportunity

3. Service

  • We provide high quality, timely support
  • We enable leaders to focus on the right priorities
  • We encourage our schools to be different, so that they meet the needs of their families and local communities

 To Ensure

The highest standards of service to support schools in the effective and efficient delivery of school improvement, financial, personnel and resource planning responsibilities through bespoke:

  • continuing Professional Development
  • school improvement planning, support and review
  • procurement
  • project and programme management
  • HR, finance and health and safety expertise