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Wychall Primary School

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Please look at our work

We have been using the website to practise our coding skills. We have programmed zombies through mazes, a pencil to draw pictures and a bee to collect nectar or make honey. The website is available to everyone so we hope the children will continue practising at home.




Friday 9th June

This week, Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Oaker Wood.

The children enjoyed various activities including monkey climbing, rafting, zip wire, crate stacking, den building, pizza making and many more.

Children also enjoyed spending time around the campfire in the evenings, toasting marshmallows to make delicious smores!

Next week, children will be learning about how to write a newspaper report in preparation for writing about their trip to Oaker Wood.


Friday 28th April

We are very excited as this week we began our torpic to prepare for our camping trip to Oakerwood. We had lots of questions about what we will be doing, what the campsite looks like and where it is. We spent our first topic leson exploring the Oakerwood website to find some answers. ( ) . 





Tuesday 14th March 2017

We have been creating our own mythical beasts and writing descriptions about them.

Here is Daisie's Tyronatar.



The sly,demonic Tyronatar that lives in the volcano at the bottom near the firey lava was always on the look out for his prey. Every single day he would perch on the tree trunk as stiff as a tombstone waiting silently for his next victim. He gets very deadly and sinister when threatened to be hurt. A venomous,wild Tyronatar with checkered scaly wings will always be born with spikes on their matted fur. He has poisonus, aggresive snakes at the end of his tail   to keep watch of anything that’s behind him. The Tyronatar’s wings help him to find food more quickly as he is lurking in the air for his dinner. He moves like a menacing rocket and always sneaks behind other people’s backs. The fearsome,dooming beast which is very wise,  eats lava, flesh that is rotten and gross ( animal flesh )also he drinks pigs blood. If at any point he gets hurt, gets angry or feels threatened he would probably race into you and charge into you and SCARE YOU! His eyes are like sapphire, polished marbles and he has night vision powers!


Friday 10th February

We are loving reading and learning about all the different Greek myths and the characters that go with them. We have loved sharing work we have created at home with the rest of the class. 

Here are two examples of the fantastic pieces of work we have received.


by Hannah 

I looked at a young man 
He was soon a stoney statue.
I stared at a squirrel and it shattered when it
fell to the ground.
My long hair is now violent, poisonous snakes.
When I cry pebbles fall out of my eye.
Now I lurk in the shadowy caves
To stay away and hide
To keep people safe.


Greek Myth Riddles

by Hani

Rotten, green stone turner,

Red eyes,



Who am I ?

(Answer Medusa)

Demi god,





Who am I ?

(Answer Perseus)

Bone breaker,

Heart puller, 



Scary muncher,

Blood sucker.

Who am I ?

(Answer: Minotaur)

Mean, head of the gods,


A dad.

Who am I ?

(Answer: Zeus)