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Wychall Primary School

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Week ending 3rd November 2017


As a link to our topic work and the work we have already done about William Shakespeare and his writing, year 5 have been learning about sonnets (a type of poem using a certain structure). They started the week by unpicking a sonnet and answering comprehension questions about it, before comparing it to other sonnets to identify language and structure patterns. The children then explored specific types of language found in sonnets, such as idioms.


We have started our unit on Multiplication and Division this week, focusing mainly on being able to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 by using our knowledge of place value. The children have used resources such as place value grids to help them to see what happens to digits in a number when it is multiplied and divided by 10.


As a lead up to our So What idea, the children have been learning how to draw portraits in the style of Hans Holbein, a portrait artist who was very popular with the Tudor royal family. When they are confident in their skills, they will draw their own self portraits to give to someone special, alongside a message to explain how that person has made a difference in their life.