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Wychall Primary School

Safe, Secure and Successful

Vision and Indicators of Success



Outstanding pupil experience

  • A Trust that places children at the heart of its endeavour
  • A Trust that offers a rich pupil experience understanding social diversity, cultural relevance and a global perspective
  • A Trust of choice by parents from a wide range of backgrounds
  • A Trust committed to supporting pupils, expanding horizons and unlocking potentials

Indicators of success

  • Pupil enjoyment of learning
  • Pupil progress and achievements
  • Pupil health and wellbeing
  • Pupils develop as confident, responsible social and community citizens

Excellence in education

  • A Trust that achieves high standards marked by enquiry, discovery and partnership between pupils and teachers
  • A Trust with an inspiring, engaging and challenging curriculum, shaped by evidence of what works and real-world practice
  • A Trust with innovative and creative approaches to learning that harness the potential of technology
  • A Trust that understands the knowledge, skills and experiences required for life-long learning
  • A Trust that cultivates inclusive and accessible learning environments

Indicators of success

  • Pupils achieve outstanding outcomes
  • The curriculum is current and relevant
  • Pupils develop transferable skills, rigour of thought, resilience and a positive outlook
  • Pupils are engaged by the cutting edge learning experiences and opportunities
  • Learning environments are safe, welcoming and enticing


Impactful teaching

  • A Trust that supports teacher development and research excellence
  • A Trust that brings teachers together to work on and share effective pedagogy
  • A Trust with a strong recruitment, retention and succession planning strategy that recognises talent early
  • A Trust that disseminates the knowledge gained from its research both internally and externally
  • A Trust that places the quality of teaching above all else

Indicators of success

  • The Trust has a leading reputation and increases its profile and impact steadily over time
  • Teacher development is strongly embedded and leaves a tangible footprint in curriculum and teaching
  • The learning environment is vibrant and influenced by research
  • Teaching across the Trust is consistently good across all phases
  • Teachers enjoy their work and want to develop their pedagogical knowledge


Effective partnerships

  • A Trust with strong roots in the communities it serves
  • A Trust where innovation and enterprise feature strongly in partnership with business and enterprise
  • A Trust that enhances life, aspiration and prospects for children and families
  • A Trust that increasingly influences strategy, policy and debate with other Trusts and through links with professional bodies and organisations

Indicators of success

  • The Trust is a partner of choice for a wide range of organisations through its compelling work
  • The Trust understands the complexity behind achievement gaps and responds
  • The Trust's social engagement encourages active citizenship in both pupils and staff
  • The Trust works collaboratively with other Trusts
  • An outward-facing approach sustains a range of enhancing partnerships beyond the Trust