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Wychall Primary School

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Year 6

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Year 6 have been planning and writing an information leaflet about Wychall Primary School! They have been using positive language as well as applying their recently acquired SPaG knowledge of parenthesis and complex sentences. Children have also been working hard to vary their sentences by including questions in their subheadings and rhetorical questions within the text.

In topic, children have been continuing to research their chosen Monarch house. They have also deepened their knowledge of electricity by creating a circuit using a cell, a bulb, a buzzer, a motor and a switch. Year 6 are also beginning to use the correct scientific symbols to draw a circuit accurately.

In numeracy, Year 6 have been answering SATs style questions about concepts of place value they have learned about so far this year. They are also working on improving their accuracy and speed when answering arithmetic questions using the four operations.


Week Ending 15th September 2017

This week, Year 6 have been working very hard by completing some baseline SATs style assessments, as well as continuing to make progress in all areas of the curriciulum.

In numeracy, Year 6 have been advancing their rounding skills by rounding any given number to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000! They have also been completing some challenging reasoning and problem solving questions around this topic.

In literacy, children have been continuing to learn about the story of King Arthur. They have completed more comprehension work and have reinforced their knowledge of main clauses, subordinate clauses and subordinating conjunctions by using them in their independent work.

In topic, children have begun researching an independently chosen period of British Monarchy. They have considered facts such as significant events during the reign of a house, noteable Kings and Queens from that time and any interesting facts about them. Children have begun to design a poster illustrating this information and will look forward to completing it next week!


Week Ending 8th September 2017

Welcome to Year 6! Miss Harrison, Miss Flavell, Mrs Edmunds and Mrs Drummond look forward to working with you this year.

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Our first topic is called 'British Monarchy through Time', this will be linked to our so what where children will need to create an electrical board game quiz about the British Monarchy. Within this, children will need to think about what information is significant, how is has impacted our life today and consider good art and design features to attract their peers to play it.

This week in literacy, children have been looking at the story of King Arthur. They have completed a comprehension activity and have planned and written a diary entry from the perspective of King Arthur when he pulled the sword from the stone. Children have been working hard to use main and subordinate clauses in their writing.

In maths, children have been reinforcing their knowledge of place value by understanding the value of numbers up to ten million. Children have been also ordering and comparing these numbers.