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Wychall Primary School & Children's Centre

Safe, Secure and Successful


At Wychall Primary School we provide an active, meaningful curriculum that personally engages children. By harnessing children’s interests and natural inquisitiveness children are well motivated and can see a clear purpose to their learning. We believe that learning should be fun with as many opportunites for direct experience as possible; as a result children frequently take part in school visits, we invite experts into school to share their experience with them and attend residential trips.  We have high expectations of our pupils and expect them to take on increasing responsibility for their learning as they make their way through the school.

By ensuring that children are physically SAFE, emotionally SECURE and confident they will be SUCCESSFUL learners.
We hope you enjoy our website. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit to see our school in action.
Best wishes
Dominic Davis


Here are some welcome messages from pupils

at Wychall Primary School:

Welcome to Wychall Primary School. We have amazing teachers and have all sorts of fun and everyone does lots of learning here. We have a beautiful new nursery, a passport for learning, magical mystery tours, amphitheatres, prefect jumpers and a very special school dog called Barney. I love my school!

Eleanor aged 6

Hello, welcome to Wychall Primary School where fun things happen. Not only is Wychall fun, it’s safe, secure and successful. We promise you that us pupils are cared for and supported by our teachers. We have lots of opportunities and experiences to be involved in big decisions for our school. Our school is something special, we have a school dog called Barney.

Careena aged 11

Welcome to Wychall Primary School where you will feel safe. It will be fun because we do lots of learning. We have a dog called Barney. We have a new nursery. We have 479 children. We have learning passports. We have new teachers and some new pupils.

Callum aged 7

Welcome! At Wychall our motto is safe, secure, successful. Not only do our pupils have fond memories of their time here but we promise that all children will be encouraged to aim high and be enthusiastic. There are lots of opportunities for children to take part in activities.

Maria aged 10